Professionals“Professors can and do say, ‘I am an expert.’
But only professionals have earned the right to say,
‘I’ve been there and done that,’ with any authority.”


From the very beginning, the IUE has found any number of men and women with an interest in sharing their experience and expertise with other, be it on a one-to-one basis or in a more conventional classroom-style setting. No matter the preference, with regard to the learning environment, these men and women take a degree of satisfaction in passing along what they have learned to those wanting to know.

Other institutions call them faculty, but we refer to them as professionals. Why? Because there is a vast difference between the title of Professor and Professional.

Where professors are steeped in theory and theory application, professional are – as a rule of thumb – out in the real world actually putting theory to work … and regularly discarding those aspects of theory that do not, should not or cannot apply.

If we were to refer to those who impart a thorough working knowledge of their profession to avid learners, we would not call them faculty, we would call them Adjunct Faculty. Our faculty are men and women with a functional understanding of the subject matter that they are sometimes called upon the facilitate.

Professors are protected by tenure … even if they are not all that competent doing what they do. Professionals are always open to the challenge that they face every working day of every working week of their lives. Professionals vs. Professors … your choice.

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