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Karachi, Pakistan: Dr. James R. Omps awarded USAID contract by the University of Southern California (USC) to establish the College of Business, University of Karachi.


Hyderabad, India: Hired by the Ford Foundation. Assigned to the SIET Institute to develop programs to identify and develop entrepreneurs. He was on post during the time that Dr. David C. McClelland , Harvard psychologist - known today as “the first of the behaviorists” - was in India to test his hypothesis on educating entrepreneurs.


Taipei, Taiwan: Conducted seminar introducing entreprenology to the country’s most successful businessmen. The session commenced with an address by Taiwan’s Economic Minister (see above photograph): "Economic Minister Sun Yun-Suan yesterday appealed to Chinese entrepreneurs to stress the importance of management development. Speaking at the opening of the three-day seminar on management development, Sun called for training of more competent management personnel in order to develop the nation's industries."


Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: IUE incorporated in Honolulu on July 31st by Dr. James R. Omps, Colonel William Long (USAF Retired) and Orrin G. Hatch who would go on to be elected to the United States Senator in 1977.


New Delhi, India: Dr. James R. Omps and James A. Omps, Director of IUE invited to attend the IX Annual Conference on Small & Medium Enterprise co-hosted by the World Association of Small and Medium Enterprise (WASME), New Delhi, India and select UN organizations including UNIDO and UNESCO.


New Delhi, India: Dr. James R. Omps and James A. Omps in country to conduct a lengthy study relating to the impact of U.S. programs support economic development. The study was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID, PRE/SMIE).


Moscow, Russia: Dr. James R. and James A. Omps invited to address the first International Conference on Small & Medium Enterprise to be held in the former Soviet Union. Personal invitation extended by Dr. Chakradhari Agrawal, Secretary-General, WASME. Co-hosted by newly created Russian Association for Small & Medium Enterprise, WASME, UNIDO and UNESCO.


Northern Virginia, USA: Free market oriented business management programs developed for high-level personnel from the former Soviet Union. Content focused on free-market concepts, entrepreneurship, and entreprenology. Attendees comprised of executives and directors of shipbuilding industry and port operations from Latvia, Ukraine and Belarus.


Northern Virginia, USA: Management Programs well received. IUE expanded program offerings to allow additional executives and directors from heavy industries and large commercial companies in Russia, Latvia and Ukraine to participate.


Locations in India and Malaysia: Drs. James R. and James A. Omps presented a series of seminars in India and Malaysia promoting programs in entrepreneurship, entreprenology and VisionEngineering©


Singapore: Dr. James R. and James A. Omps travel to Singapore to determine the market for IUE programs in Southeast Asia. Initial offering of BBA and MBA programs through local school, ASME/INSEND, a successful institution whose key administrators were Dr. Wang Di and Professor Dr. Ma Seen Soon. The response to IUE programs was tepid due, in large part, to Singapore’s shifting education focus at that time .


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Dr. James R. Omps and Dr. James A. Omps meet with Minister of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development (MECD). Discussion included unique programs targeting the unique education and training needs of bumiputra entrepreneurs.


Singapore: IUE remains interested in developing higher profile in Southeast Asia and spends several months in the region to further that goal.


Honolulu, Hawaii: Dr. James R. Omps Steps Down as President of IUE but agrees to remaining Chairman of the Board. “I don’t feel I can continue to maintain the level of active service that being President requires. I will, however, stay on as COB for as long as I believe I am relevant and can contribute something of value.” Dr. James A. Omps was named President at that time.


Las Vegas, Nevada: President Dr. James A. Omps undergoes extensive medical treatment for cancer. He was diagnosed in March as having stage 3 cancer. Dr. James R. Omps, former President, assumed a little greater roll with the assistance of grandsons James T. and Kristopher H. Omps, both well versed in entreprenology and the IUE.


San Marino: IUE forms bond with the World Union of Small and Medium Enterprise (WUSME) headquartered in the Republic of San Marino. Dr. James A. Omps, President of IUE, works with WUSME to create a link between the two organizations. “We have a similar focus,” Dr. Omps said, “as we both believe in the viability and critical need for a healthy SME sector in the global economy.” WUSME President, Dr. Gian Franco Terenzi and Secretary General, Dr. Norbert W. Knoll von Dornhoff, welcomed the relationship.


Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: IUE and Alliance Registrar Inc., Founder Dr. Dennis Hughey find common ground for working agreement between the two organizations. With more than 30 years in quality assurance and quality auditor training, Dennis Hughey and IUE President Jim Omps discuss ways to develop SME-centric approach to global economic recovery and development.


Dubrovnik, Croatia: Dr. Omps and Dr. Hughey participate in SME roundtable in Croatia. Invited to attend a roundtable discussion on the state of SME development in Eastern Europe. While there they met with the WUSME contingent including Secretary General Dr. Knoll von Dornhoff.


Budapest, Hungary: Dr. James A. Omps attends the Annual WUSME Conference in Hungary. Dr. Omps was the WUSME general conference as both a presenter in the General Session with a special objective to personally award Dr. Gian Franco Terenzi with a Doctor Honoris Causa. During the conference, Dr. Omps met Dr. Pauline T. Crawford, CEO of Corporate Heart Ltd, UK. NOTE: The presentation ceremony honoring Dr. Terenzi, President of WUSME, was held at Debrecen University with the Rector of dignitaries in attendance.


San Marino: At WUSME’s III Annual General Conference, Dr. James A. Omps was presented to the general body as a new member of the WUSME Board of Directors and Vice President. It was also announced that Dr. Omps and Dr. Dennis Hughey would respectively Chair and Co-Chair the newly created and approved Permanent Committee on Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise Development. Members of the committee included Mr. Suong Liew (China), Dr. Mohd. Tajudin Alias (Malaysia), Dr. Pauline Crawford (UK) and Mr. Alan Lund (US).


San Marino: Dr. James A. Omps and Dr. Dennis Hughey submit a proposal on behalf of CCSMED to assist in the UNHCR/DRC program to repatriate 8,000 Congolese refugees that fled the country during the civil war.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Dr. James A. Omps and Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Sudin, CEO of Red Synergy Sdn Bhd, member of the adjunct faculty of IUE, agreed to work jointly to determine the feasibility of creating a regional office of the IUE in Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Haji Zulkifly Baharom, current CEO of the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) accepted an invitation to serve on the Board of Directors of the IUE. MIM is the local representative of the Asian Institute of Management headquartered in the Philippines. He brings his expertise to the Board and to the IUE as it works to expand its presence in the ASEAN region.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Drs. James A. and Pauline T. Crawford-Omps return to Malaysia to develop, offer and present education and training programs appropriate to the country and the region.


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia: Drs. James and Pauline Omps work jointly to develop and submit a graduate degree program (ME) to Dr. Ismail Ghazally, Vice Chancellor of University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF). Program submitted to MQA; conditionally approved on changes recommended by MQA - program voluntarily withdrawn by Drs. Omps’ from further consideration.


Langkawi, Port Dickson & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Dr. Pauline T. Crawford-Omps conducts 3-day programs in various locations around Peninsular Malaysia. Participants include men and women; primary topics focus on GenderDynamics DNA© - Workplace and domestic communication and interaction between men and women in Value Creation.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A series of programs conducted by Dr. Pauline T. Crawford-Omps, President, World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists (WAVE) with Dr. James A. Omps assisting and presenting as appropriate. Programs sponsored by and at the request of MyWIN Academy – Malaysian NGO. Programs included:

  • Social Leadership (two clusters of 30 female participants each)
  • Entrepreneurship (one cluster of 36 female entrepreneurs over a 6-month period)


San Marino: Dr. Pauline T. Crawford-Omps appointed and approved as Chair of the Permanent Committee on Women’s Affairs, World Union of Small and Medium Enterprise (WUSME). Dr. James A. Omps, Vice President and Chair of the Permanent Committee on Crafts, Small and Medium Enterprise Development was reappointed and approved.


Drs. James A. and Pauline T. Crawford-Omps selected to direct the Entrepreneurs Center at Brickfields Asia College - Petaling Jaya Campus - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Drs. James A. and Pauline T. Crawford-Omps relocate to Southern California to firmly establish their presence in the fields of entrepreneurship and entreprenology. Pauline is increasing her visibility in the field of Gender Dynamics© and is the Ambassador of Magical Conversations©.

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