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The Principles

What you must first understand, is that the Principles of Entreprenology are part of a living document that will be appended and/or changed as is necessary. The principles shown here are what the founder and President deem The Unteachable Skills. The unteachable skills are those needed to accelerate and to sustain success.

These skills – and the resultant principles – configure the platform upon which entreprenology is established. That’s the primary reason that we chose to feature them at this juncture. Over time learned that the successful and/or success oriented entreprenologist, taps into these particular principles on a daily basis. At the IUE, our approach to education for a creative life is to embed:

  • A Value Creation Cycle for learning,
  • Core principles and open mindset.

Once education becomes real-world learning, our portal to knowledge grows. We do not teach theory from a collection of dust-covered books, we always seek out the latest information, ideas and innovations. Change is constant. This disruption requires an active imagination which is vital as students gain awareness, knowledge and understanding. That is why we invite them to add new principles as they continue to grow and succeed.

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