Message From The President“Life … that’s where the push-back comes
from as you’re busy pursuing your dream.”

Why Do We Continue To Advocate The New And Different?

Because, my friends, what at least half of the knowledge seekers in this world are looking for, remains – after more than 40 years - largely unavailable. We persist because the system we labor under continues to deny the obvious … that even our most revered and ardently protected institutions and routines MUST change. How many times have we heard names like Einstein, Edison, Shakespeare, Curie, Mozart and others preceded or appended by the label genius? They truly are geniuses, and there is no end to the list of geniuses we know of … each a mastermind in his and her own way.

What sets these people apart from the rest of us? In reality … very little. It’s that modest stroke of natural genius, that each was blessed with, that made it possible for them to summit seemingly unattainable heights.

I believe … no … I am certain that seed of potential greatness exists in each of us. With years of experience in management, training, education … and modestly in the field of entertainment … I have had the opportunity to observe thousands of men, women and children involved in the activity of living and learning. As a child, I engaged in the process of becoming a keen observer. As a maturing teen and young adult, I learned not only from teachers, but from family, friends and strangers … each engaged in the art of living life … going through their own unique day-in/day-out learning routine.

As a young soldier, as a new husband, as a young parent with a growing family, as a university student, as an employee, as a manager and eventually, as a trainer and educator … I adopted the tenets fundamental to Life-Long Learning.

The authentic and proven masterminds and geniuses of our world were able to make what they achieved look uncomplicated, natural and ordinary rather than extraordinary. They neither questioned their passion nor did they ever doubt their intrinsic abilities. I believe we each have that spark of potential genius. Let us help you find whatever it is you feel you need to know … that you need to continue to move forward. In that regard, my knowledge, experience and imagination is at your disposal.

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