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The programs offered by and through the IUE have one thing in common - they focus on the needs of the learner. With the homogenization of higher learning in general, the IUE, from the outset, chose to differentiate itself from other institutions of higher learning by clearly stating the focus of all degree and certification programs offered by and through the university. The distinction is, the IUE only offers programs and courses with a clear focus on entrepreneurship and entreprenology. Entrepreneurship is the base upon which entreprenology - the discipline of the employer - is built.

The concept, originated and developed by Dr. James R. Omps, his associates and his colleagues, expands that base and takes it to the next level. The result: these are the only programs targeting and effectively providing the education unique to employers.

If the goal of the learner is to prepare himself or herself to take on the role of an employer, or if it is simply to understand the thought processes and practices of the employer, then this dynamic discipline is where he or she needs to start.

For nearly half a century, the IUE has focused on developing learning programs for the creative and innovative people of the world. Where virtually every other school in the world today is employee focused - preparing men and women to enter the workforce and/or to earn a graduate degree to get a better job - the IUE is employer focused. We provide the education and training needs of the men and women who create the entities that will employ the employees that other schools produce. Beyond that, we have recognized that the entrepreneur and the entreprenologist is not found exclusive in what would be considered a standard business environment. On the contrary, the entrepreneur and entreprenologist is, and has always been, in every career field you can think of.

The programs are continually updated, with new courses added as soon as a need arises. The only way to deal effectively with change – be it changing needs, changing issues, changing requirements, etc. - is to identify the most effective way to adapt, and at the earliest possible moment. Our primary objective is to offer the most current solutions meeting the learning needs of the career entrepreneur and entreprenologist … today and tomorrow.

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