Master of Entreprenology (ME)Experience the FUN of Learning Again

Master of Entreprenology (ME)

This curriculum was developed to address the unique learning needs of tomorrow's employer! It is the first graduate program of its kind, letting you decide what you want to study.

Developed for the aspiring entreprenologist, the ME is the definitive program for the man or woman capable of becoming an employer … or perhaps simply wanting to be able to look at the world through the employer’s eyes. If there is one thing that the global economy needs, it is the individual with the skills - intuitive and learned - and the passion needed to create the entities required to provide critically needed job spaces.

You will be able to choose from among unique topics such as The Principles of Entreprenology, The Psychology of Success, Gender Dynamics©, Failure Management, Conscious Leadership, The Transient Competitive and Account-Ability©. You will learn from relevant interaction with diverse men and women from around the globe, many of whom may share many of your interests.

The challenge of thinking like an employer rather than seeing the world from the perspective of an employee is the difference between night and day. For as useful as well-educated employees will always be, what the world needs today more than anything, are those men and women who can recognize opportunity in any of its myriad disguises – the most common of which is the one that looks like little more than very hard work. Those are the people with the instincts needed to take the world from where it is today – needing increasing numbers of jobs to employ those in our well-educated labor pool – to a world where future Steve Jobs’, Bill Gates’, Sam Walton’s, Diane Hendricks’ and Oprah Winfrey’s are increasingly more common because we no longer overlook their unique learning needs.

The Master of Entreprenology is the new benchmark in appropriate education. It stands to reason, then, that it is the pinnacle for an appropriate credential.

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