The Founder“There’s a difference between, ‘I have failed,’ and ‘I am a failure.’
If you fail … pick yourself up and try again. You’re not a failure until you give up."

The Founder

In the late spring of 1972, Dr. James R. Omps and colleagues, Colonel William ("Bill") Long (USAF Ret), Orrin G. Hatch Esq. (currently the Senior United States Senator from Utah) and Rueben Wong Esq., created the International Institution of Entreprenology. I was founded to identify, become the primary resource for, and support those men and women with the aptitude to start, nurture and eventually grow new ventures.

By the time of its founding, Dr. Omps had already accrued more than twenty years of first-hand experience as a successful serial entrepreneur and businessman. Combine that with over a decade of academic research and development in entrepreneurship and his emerging discipline of entreprenology, and you begin to understand a bit more about the man and his perceived mission.

From the outset, the IUE has always been a virtual institution. He knew from experience, that the world was the most logical campus for internationally focused courses and programs, rather than a collection of brick and mortar buildings located on a landscape of green grass and climbing ivy. Originally founded as the International Institution of Entreprenology (IIE) in Hawaii, USA, it transitioned into its current incarnation as the International University of Entreprenology (IUE) in 2000.

The groundbreaking seminar in entreprenology was delivered by Dr. Omps in Taipei, Taiwan in May 1972 to more than a hundred of the nation’s top business leaders. Opening their minds to the principles of entreprenology, the programs were literally responsible for transforming the term MADE IN TAIWAN from being indicative of mediocre goods, into a badge of quality. Between approximately 1974 and the end of the decade, the Taiwan Economic Miracle – a period of rapid industrialization and economic growth – propelled the nation to unprecedented economic success … success which was, in turn, propelled by those who had learned to think and act as entreprenologists.

Nearly half a century of experience, research, facilitation and program development underpins the Discipline of Entreprenology and the Art of Visioneering© … both envisioned, pioneered, developed and built upon on the concepts originated by Dr. James R. Omps … Founder.

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