Been There & Done ThatWhat Former Learners Have to Say …

Zaza Hasny – Haidie
Gemala Sari Couturie – “Songket Is Everything”,
Novashroom Consulting – “Bringing Innovation to Mushroom Farming”.

It is sad to hear that your stint here in Malaysia has come to an end but I would like to extend to both you and Dr Jim my deepest appreciation and thanks for all that has been shared and taught throughout the time that we have spent together.

I have started my journey in entrepreneurship, blindly - jumping with both feet in but without a clear vision and mission on how and what to do . Attending those sessions with you both has given me a better perspective , not only in business but in my personal life as well, and that is something huge for me.Coming from a different background prior to my entrepreneurship journey, everything was topsy-turvy and admittedly, I was "lost" more than once. Bumps on the roads were seen as obstacles and not opportunities, not knowing that in order for me to overcome all those was just for me to know myself better and to understand further on how "I" work.

I was a willing student and you were always there to share, to guide and to elevate my work to a point I could not even imagine I could do or be. I am a better person and a better entrepreneur now than I was a mere 24 months ago.Life has not been all rosy since we last met but I am now not the person I used to be. I have learnt to become a better communicator, a better listener and also, a better person.

I have learnt to appreciate the ups and downs in life and take in all in stride, with a smile on my face!

Do know that I sincerely wish the both of you well and hope that we can still be in contact in the future. Thank you again for all that you have done for me, for my business and I promise you there'll be more to come in future! Thank you , Dr P & Dr Jim - don't forget us here in Malaysia and here's wishing you nothing but the best in life.

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